Create your own bottle of wine to take home or enjoy with dinner!

A must-do on any Franschhoek visit!

Join our Winemaker for a day ® workshop and learn the Noble art of Wine Blending, creating your own bottle of wine to take home or enjoy with your dinner at Café Franschhoek.


Wine Blending, the process in which wines from different grape varieties are blended to create a wine which is better than the sum of the wines in the blend, has a long tradition. In fact, most wines on the market are blends.


In this two hour workshop you will learn how wine blending is done and you will blend your own bottle of wine. You will cork, capsule and label your bottle.
A unique and fun workshop for everyone awith an interest in wine!


The workshop is limited to eight participants. All participants must be 18 years or older.


The Vintage Room
at Café Franschhoek
46 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek Tel: +27 (0)67 412 6223


1½ – 2 hours


R1 250 per person
Includes an apron to take home


Groups of two or more by appointment. Please contact us for details and cost.


Tel/Whatsapp: +27 (0)67 412 6223


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